Flow Reducers

The ecoBETA range of tap and shower flow reducers are easy to fit and available for all suitable fittings with a variety of inserts to suit different desired flow rates.

Conventional taps consume over 10l/min of water, while showers around 15/l min. With steadily increasing water tariffs, installation of flow reducers is the easiest step to save money without losing comfort. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


Shower Flow Reducers
BR-011-080 8.0 Liter/Minute
BR-011-100 10.0 Liter/Minute
BR-011-120 12.0 Liter/Minute

tap 22

22mm Tap Flow Reducer
VSP-220-01-040 4.0 Liter/Minute
VSP-220-01-060 6.0 Liter/Minute
VSP-220-01-080 8.0 Liter/Minute

tap 24

24mm Tap Flow Reducer
VDF-224-040 4.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-224-060 6.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-224-080 8.0 Liter/Minute


Tap Flow Reducer Insert
VDF-220-040 4.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-220-060 6.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-220-080 8.0 Liter/Minute