Flow Reducers

The ecoBETA range of tap and shower flow reducers are easy to fit and available for all suitable fittings with a variety of inserts to suit different desired flow rates

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


Shower Flow Reducers
BR-011-080 8.0 Liter/Minute
BR-011-100 10.0 Liter/Minute
BR-011-120 12.0 Liter/Minute

tap 22

22mm Tap Flow Reducer
VSP-220-01-040 4.0 Liter/Minute
VSP-220-01-060 6.0 Liter/Minute
VSP-220-01-080 8.0 Liter/Minute

tap 24

24mm Tap Flow Reducer
VDF-224-040 4.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-224-060 6.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-224-080 8.0 Liter/Minute


Tap Flow Reducer Insert
VDF-220-040 4.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-220-060 6.0 Liter/Minute
VDF-220-080 8.0 Liter/Minute