The ecoBETA SWING retrofit

A patented dual flash retrofit for most of the european water flushing systems.

• extension of the xisting toilet flushing system
• DIY within 5 minutes
• no plumber needed
• saves up to 50% water for each flush
• tested indebendently: approx. savings of 31 liters of water per day per household
• simple to use
• maintenance free
• adjustable amout of water
• lifelong guarantie

Flushing systems are respnsible for about 30% of the water consumption inside households. Most of the flushing systems are single button systems, so with each flush 8-9 liters of water will be used.

The ecoBETA Siphon retrofit extends the single flush into a dual flush system in a very simple way and saves at every small flush 5-6 liters of water.

The installation is quite simple and be done within a few minutes. A re-adjustment is possible at every time and the installation does not need mechanical changes at the existing system.

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It's so simple:
small flush press and let go
large flush press for around 2-3 sec
  • a normal houshold will save 25% -30%
  • schools and municipalities will save up to 40%
  • the amortisation will wbe within a few weeks.