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The ecoBETA SWING retrofit

A patented, DualFlush-Retrofit for most European flushing systems, eg. GEBERIT

• extension of the existing WC flushing
• eays to install within 5 minutes
• no plumber or professional needed
• safes up to 50% for each flush
• Independently tested: saves in average 31l of water per day per household
• simple to use
• maintenance free
• adjustable amount of water
• lifelong guaranty


Water rinses are responsible for about 30% of water consumption of a household. Most of the flushing systems are one-button systems where with every flush 8-9l of water are used.

The ecoBETA Swing retrofit alters the single flush into a dual flush system in a simple way. This simple adaption changes the flushing, that for a small flush only 4-6 l of water is used.

The installation is simple and can be done within a couple of minutes. An ajustment is possible and also simple to do.

Please ask us if it fits into your existing system, We are happy to help.

It's so simple:
small flush press and let go
big flush press and hold
  • a normal houshold will save up to 30% of water
  • Schools and public authorities will safe up to 40%
  • time of armotisation is a few weeks